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Tuesday and Thursday Morning Mixed League

The daytime mixed curling on TUESDAY and THURSDAY is made up of two separate leagues with different teams on both days playing a round-robin type of draw lasting for about 7 weeks.  The league play consists of 2 or 3 draws to be played each day starting at 9 am and continuing at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.  The curling season lasts for 5 months during which time new teams are selected from the sign up sheets at the start of the 3 draws (Nov-Dec / Jan-Feb / Feb-Mar) that are played during the winter months.  All Club members are welcome to join for the fun and relaxation. At the start of each draw (3 per season), names are drawn to select teams according to your experience level.

thursday After School Youth League

Youth League is for 9 to 18 year olds wishing to learn to curl or improve their skills towards developing team possibly entering Youth competitions starting at 4:00 pm

Wednesday Open Competitive League 

The Wednesday morning league is for curlers who wish to curl a little more competitive with their friends by entering as a team, any combination of men or women.  League curling starts at 9:00 am.

Friday Ladies League

Ladies' curling has returned to our club.  Teams will compete together throughout the curling season.  This league is different from our club leagues because they recruit their own players and organize their own draws.  If you are interested in some fun and laughter, feel free to contact either one of the conveners.  The start time usually at 10:am



Monday Evening Mixed League

Like a little more action and competition?  A combination of men and women play on the same team over a 5-7 week period. New teams are then chosen for each of the three draws during the 5 month season.  Depending on the interest, Monday draws usually consist of 6 or 8 end games starting at 7:00 pm

Tuesday Evening Mens League

The Mens League offers more competition than the 'Mixed' nights but the focus is still on fun. Three draws are held over the course of the season with team selection and position played based on your experience level.  Again, depending on the number of teams, there will be 2-8 end games played starting at 7:30 pm

Wednesday Evening Mixed Fun League

Wednesday evening curling provides an evening of fun and comradery involving players who may not have a lot of experience but are big on enthusiasm starting at 7:30 pm

Thursday Evening Mixed Competitive League

If a little more action and the desire for a higher level of competition is your cup of tea, then join a team or enter your own team in the Thursday night’s competitive league sponsored by  WEED MAN.  Both men and women are welcome to play on a team which will remain the same for the complete season.  Depending on the number of teams, draws are usually at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

Friday Evening Mixed League (Jitney Format)

If you are curling for the first time, this mixed league is for you.  Having fun is a priority.  Teams are selected by names drawn at random and placed according to position experience at the beginning of each draw.  No need to sign up, just show up. 


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