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Stayner Granite Club Inc.

Board of Directors

President: Chuck Christie  email:
Vice President:  Peter Verburg
Club Manager/Ice Maker:  Bert Andrews      
Treasurer:  John Robbins  email:
Webmaster/Registrar:  Michael Gnoyke  email:
Secretary:  Lila Forester
Gord Mulgrew
Cassie Clair
Jessica Metheral 
Fred van Witsen 

Comittee Chairperson 

CurlON Rep:  Donna Allen
Rental Bookings:  Bert Andrews  email:
Bar Manager:  Peter Verburg  email:
Advertising:  Bill Brethauer and Fred van Witsen
Membership and Marketing: Gord Mulgrew      
Kitchen co-ordinators:  Barb Christie and Judy Hutton
Safety:  Peter Verburg

Contacts for Inhouse Leagues 

Monday Night Mixed League:  Joe Belanger
Tuesday Morning Mixed League:  TBA
      Spare Co-ordinator:  Glen Hutton
Tuesday Afternoon Stick League:  Bill Whitlock      
Tuesday Night Mens League:  Rick Zahorchak
Wednesday Morning Open League:  Donna Allen & Bert Andrews
Wednesday Tri-Town League:  Michael Gnoyke      
Wednesday Night Mixed League:  Rob Seitz, Cassie Clair & Jessie Metheral
Thursday Morning Mixed League:  TBA
      Spare Co-ordinator:  Vyv Hardwick
Thursday Afternoon Youth League:  Michael Gnoyke & Lila Forester
Thursday Evening Competitive League:  Dale Lightheart
Friday Morning Ladies League:  Anne Hanna & Linda Jackson
Friday Night Mixed Jitney League:  Barb & Chuck Christie 
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